New Mexico is Popular for Tourists

New Mexico is a mountain state located in the United States of America in the southwestern region, and it is the fifth largest state. In the beginning, New Mexico was inhabited by Native Americans. However, in the 1500s, Europeans from Spain began to occupy the region. Despite the introduction of Europeans to the state, New Mexico has the fourth-highest percentage of Native Americas in the United States that includes Pueblo, Navajo and Apache citizens. The nation has no connection to Mexico. New Mexico became a U.S. state in 1912, making it one of the youngest states.

In New Mexico, you can find snow-capped forested mountains, fields of wildflowers, as well as the White Sands desert. The climate in New Mexico is sunny and dry with warm days and cool nights. However, the area has four seasons including spring and winter. The terrain varies and includes some of the highest elevation, such as the city of Santa Fe which is 7,199 feet above sea level, the highest in the United States.

There are many things to do in New Mexico, making it an attractive place for tourists. For people who enjoy hiking, New Mexico includes many trails including La Lux Trail, one of the most famous. It begins at the Sandia Mountains and extends to the Sandia Peak.

For those who like to ski, Taos is one of the most popular places to ski in the country. There a person can enjoy downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, and snowboarding.

The famous Route 66 can also be found in New Mexico. This is a route that starts in Chicago and goes through New Mexico ending in Santa Monica, California. Route 66 allows a person to experience spectacular views.

New Mexico is also known for its hot air balloon festival that features over 500 balloons called the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta This festival began in the 70s and is still widely popular.

Of course, one of the most popular places to visit in New Mexico is the famous International UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell. This is the place that is known for the study of aliens. In fact, there is evidence that an alien may have crashed into Roswell in its spaceship.

Travel to New Mexico in the 21st century is easy due to its popularity as a vacation destination. Lodging is widely available, and the state can be easily reached via car, plane or train. Trains, as well as planes, stop in Albuquerque.